TS-Turbine Spider

The most power full water driven tool on the market.

18 gallons, 70 Liters per minute is enough to drive the tool, therefore a many of the systems with 1/2 Inch are suitable. More water more power.


-Lots of power through clever engineering. With as little as 30 lpm an extreme high rotation speed is reached.

-Torque strength adjustable, change of cleaning of thrust je

-Fast water jet change and cleaning of the orifices

-Several head and chain types are available. This is very important as not all chains will be suitable. Ask us

-Several centraliser styles available

-Fresh or recycled water

-Minimum maintenance. Bearing replacement fast and low cost. When you can hold a wrench you can change bearings.


Not all applications are equal. The Turbine Spider can be optimized for your type of work.

  1. The Turbine rotation body is the base for all TS versions.
Base Unit #3000-0000

2, Chose a centralizer for your pipe diameter. Larger diameter pipes need longer units to stay stabil

3. Select the type chain on chain head holder

Changing from one set up to another is extremely easy and fast. The same applies to servicing the unit. The strongest most cost effective unit on the market.


sample "320lpm@200bar 1"120m" = 320 liter per minute, max pressure at pump of 200bar with 1 Inch hose of 120 meter length.