Versions TS200e/100 #3000-0200e

The base turbine module together with chain holder #3000-1010 flex you can operate roller chain and link chains. The configuration and sizes of chains are many. Even 1″ roller chains are possible.

The turbine module paired with the centralizer #3514-0175 and the head flex head #3000-1010 is the most powerful tool for diamers 150mm (6″).

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# 3000-0200e TS200e/100
pipe size Ø
200-400mm (8 – 16 Inch)
*optional 150-200 mm (6-8″) with centralizer 3514-0150
min flow70lpm@100bar (18gal@1450psi)
rpmcan reach 40’000
rotating jets3x #1503 (optional max 6x) ExL ceramic
thrust jets#8000-2001 thrust plate
6x ExL ceramic
on exchangeable thrust plate. Other options available
shipping dimensions215 x 500 mm (2.5 x19.6)
18kg (40lb)
chain head#3000-1010 flex for roller and link chain
centralizer#3514-0400 centraliser
wheels and cam lock optional
content#2500-0024 centre cutter
#3000-1010 flex chain head for roller or link chain
#3000-0000 SPJ drive module

Optional available with wheels and / or cam lock fast adjustment