Blue 100 Transformer

The Transformer is on the forefront of pipe cleaning since its introduction. A leader not a follower. There is always something you can do better. So we do it. User feed back is constantly used to fine tune it each batch we produce.


  • Clever engineering from the front the end
  • Low rotation head speed for the best possible cleaning results.
  • Starts rotating at very low flow rate.
  • The speed of the rotation speed is adjustable
  • Fast and easy water jet change. Operator can remove head and thrust jets. Easy and fast and complete cleaning of orifices
  • Potable or recycled water life tome high pressure seal
  • Minimum maintenance. When you can hold a wrench you can make repair
  • Modular design. Adjust, expand as you need it and when you require it
  • Share all module with your fleet.
  • Several centralizer styles available
  • Several head and chain types are available. This is very important as not all chains will be suitable. Ask us for details


All Blue100 Transformer consists of base modules.

  • rotating body with with high pressure seal and adjustable rotation speed control.
  • head with 3x ExL Ceramic jets for rotation
  • hose hook up and rear jet plate
  • skids or centraliser

# 8000-1025 Base versionwith expansion sets / options
pipe size150-600 mm (6 – 24 Inch) 200-2130 mm (6 – 84 Inch)
min flow190lpm@100bar (50gal@1450psi)
max flow600 lpm (160gal)800 lpm (210gal)
max pressure200 bar (3000 psi)
rpm600-1200up to 2500
rotating jets3x (optional max 6x) ExL ceramic 9x ExL ceramic
thrust jets
hook up
6x ExL ceramic with
1 Inch BSP,
quick-exchangeable thrust plate.
5x ExL ceramic thrust plate,
6x with diffrent angles
3/4 to 1 1/2 hook ups available
quick-exchangeable thrust plate.
shipping dimensions340 x 280 x 170 mm (13.4 x11.0x6.7)
10 kg (22lb)
included item #8000-10251 pc. 8000-A000 Blue100 rotating body with speed adjustment
1 pc. 8000-2030 head
1 pc. 8000-2001 thrust plate 1“
1 Set 8000-2002 steel skids Ø110mm
1 Set 8000-2003 steel skids Ø150 mm
1 pc. 8000-2502 allen key 4 mm
9 pcs 1505-0000 ExL ceramic
1 pc. 8000-2510 storage case
-vibro expansion unit
-chain scraper expansion unit
-tank cleaning expansion head
– 9 jet rotating head
-large diameter pipe cleaning (Propeller) expansion unit
-drilling unit
-saw unit

Tuning or expanding – the Blue100 Transformer gives you the options.

Fill out the request form and receive free technical advise.


sample "320lpm@200bar 1"120m" = 320 liter per minute, max pressure at pump of 200bar with 1 Inch hose of 120 meter length.