Vibro Power

the Problem -Blockage

Pipes can fill with residues until they become blocked. Loose material can be washed away with high pressure water jets. Concrete and mineral deposits must be removed mechanically. A selection of popular tools for this are:

  • chisel point
  • chain scraper
  • milling tool
chisel point

Chisel point nozzles can remove small residues. With it you can break up soil in roots and softer material at the bottom of a pipe.

chain scraper

Chisels (rodding) nozzles can remove small residues from the floor. So earth in roots is worked out. The prerequisite is that there are softer materials on the bottom of a pipe.

Milling tools with and without percussion are available in different makes. They can remove complete pipe blockages. Unfortunately, they also have many disadvantages. You need video surveillance (often not possible) and even with very experienced specialists, there is a great risk of destroying the pipes. The initial purchase price is high and the costly milling teeth have to be replaced frequently. Each pipe diameter requires a special milling wheel. The larger the diameter, the more risky and expensive the process is.

Vibro Power the better approach

Vibrating at the right frequency and using the high-pressure water jet as a wedge tool quickly leads to splintering of the material and removal. The process is less dependent on the type of material. From tough concrete to soapy material, no problem. Working in plastic, steel or concrete pipes is standard and there is not much risk to damage the pipe. Every vibration tool can cover a wide range of pipe diameters.. Productivity is usually a multiple compared to milling cutters. They are very efficient in opening pipe blockages that are closed up to 80% of the pipe diameter.


Suitable for pipe diameters from 400mm with coverage and 40 % closed. Minimum flow required 200lpm@100bar at the tool.


Suitable for pipe diameters from 200mm with coverage and 40 % closed. Minimum flow required 150 lpm@100bar at the tool.


This type nozzle require potable water quality as they are having stator and rotor separated by a water film. Removing material on one side creates a vibration. On smaller nozzles the better vibration results are achieved when body and centre bore are not having the same centre line (eccentric). The nozzle are available from big to small, but 1/2 Inch and smaller are the prime application range.


A special wear resistant metal block is on one side of the rotor. the unbalanced nozzle is available for 1/4 and 1/8 hook up. Small but very powerful.